Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rockin' Shoes

It is the season to shine and I thought I would rock these booties with Christmassy colors and a kind-of-conservative look to give it an edge.
I am making it a mission to wear something red every day this week. Red boots, red sweater, red pants, red scarf, something red, to celebrate the jolly season. And it does not hurt that red is my favorite color.
Like black and white, red looks good on everyone. I always find a way to add a hint of it to my outfit, especially when wearing black and white. Those colors just complement each other so well and I do not know about you, but red lifts me up!
The spikes on the black booties shakes up the sweater and red pants ensemble, and these rain boots are just very comfortable while fashionable.
I would also wear black pants with the striped sweater and simply add a red scarf to make it a happier outfit, and still look classy.
What do you think?

And I could not resist taking pictures of this shoe, look at what is wearing it.... A bottle of wine!
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