Saturday, November 28, 2015

Simple but not so simple for a quiet dinner with your partner ;-)

Simple but not so simple for a quiet dinner with your partner ;-)

Dinner with the in-laws.

Dinner with the in-laws.

Simply classy

Untitled #1

TIBI beige crop top

RED Valentino pink faux fur jacket
$895 -

J Crew wool flannel trousers
$490 -

Antique button jewelry

Office Christmas party🎄🎁🎶

Office Christmas party🎄🎁🎶

Lattori dressy dress

Miss Selfridge navy coat

Chloé knee length boots

Carolee earrings

Tommy Hilfiger glove

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We drove from Denver last Thursday and stayed the night in Kearney, Nebraska. On our way there, we stopped to fill up the car in Julesburg, which is located on the Colorado-Nebraska border and found this amazing little shop called "Wagon Wheel" (see pictures below). It is Christmas decorated and they have everything from hand poured-deliciously-scented candles to unique clothing items, and postcards. If you ever find yourself on the CO-NE border, you have got to check this place out!
We left the hotel in Kearney, NE the next morning around 10:30.... What a drive that was! The roads were busier than we thought, heavy traffic everywhere, and road construction still happening in Illinois (in the fall!), poor construction workers working in the cold and the dark!
The things we see on the road... From people on their ipad on the steering wheel while driving, to people rolling a joint!
We did not arrive until around 6 pm and we went straight to Portillo's.... Have you ever been there? The BEST beef sandwich and strawberry milkshake you will ever have!
After dinner, we went to "Half-Price Books", another Chicago place I love! And then went to my husband's grandmother's house and called it a night.
Typically, we would check out some cemeteries and haunted places while in Chicago, but not this trip. I will get into that another day.
The next day, I asked Mike to take me "treasure hunting", which is what I call when I want to go to thrift stores at upper class residential areas... I found some very nice and classy items that I will show you on here. We also went to a Christmas store, which I loved.
We went to dinner at Riva Crabhouse at Navy Pier.... Amazing food! It was 60 degrees downtown Chicago/Michigan Lake area in mid-November.... Beautiful night! I wore black faux leather Bebe leggings with a red cashmere turtleneck sweater, and a leopard print Cache jacket. Also Donald J. Pliner knee high boots and a hat (see below), comfortable, and sexy outfit.
Sunday morning was time to come home... Victoria's Secret sweatpants and sweater to travel. The drive was uneventful, but we could not resist stopping again at that little shop in Julesburg and get some more candles! Who does not LOVE candles?! And of course, I had to get a poncho to wear this fall, too. I do not follow trends very often, but a poncho, an emerald-green coat and OTK boots are some items I cannot pass up!
We made it home back in Colorado by 7 pm and I am also sharing some pictures of the drive home below.... Lovely sunset!

Wagon Wheel, Julesburg, CO

Wagon Wheel, Julesburg, CO

Wagon Wheel, Julesburg, CO

Wagon Wheel, Julesburg, CO
Downtown Chicago

Chicago Skyline
Me at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Nebraska-Colorado Sunset
Nebraska-Colorado Sunset

Nebraska-Colorado Sunset

Nebraska-Colorado Sunset

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chicago Trip

We are heading to Chicago this weekend and I can not wait!
I will bring you into the fun of our road trip! Stay tuned! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

High Heels....

At one point or another in a girl's life, fashion plays a part. It could be when you are just 5 years old, when you are 16, or when you are 30 and older, but fashion always comes into play.
When I was 5 years old, my mother was a public figure in politics, and I loved watching her get ready for work. Those high heels..... I would put hers on when she was not around. I never knew how but she figured out that I wore her heels, or someone told her. All I know is that she asked one of the maids in the house to take me to buy me some. Ooh..... I loved them! My very first heels!!! She used to call them "pandoritas".... Navy blue, leather and wooden heels.
The only problem? I was kind of a tomboy... I owned some dolls but I did not play with them. I loved roller-skating, riding my bike, anything that had to do with running and I was fast! I was popular with the boys in the neighborhood when they played Dodgeball because I would never get caught. I was stuck running in little dresses because my mom and my three sisters dressed me like a girly girl, but I got over my pandoritas (and my mom's!) pretty much as soon as I got them. The high heels thrill was gone up until 10 years ago!
We girls love shoes! Are we born that way? Um.... Probably!  

Walking in heels for a girl is as natural as fixing a flat for a guy... You just know how to! 
It does not matter who you are or what you love to do, the girly part of you will always come back to those heels!