Monday, November 9, 2015

High Heels....

At one point or another in a girl's life, fashion plays a part. It could be when you are just 5 years old, when you are 16, or when you are 30 and older, but fashion always comes into play.
When I was 5 years old, my mother was a public figure in politics, and I loved watching her get ready for work. Those high heels..... I would put hers on when she was not around. I never knew how but she figured out that I wore her heels, or someone told her. All I know is that she asked one of the maids in the house to take me to buy me some. Ooh..... I loved them! My very first heels!!! She used to call them "pandoritas".... Navy blue, leather and wooden heels.
The only problem? I was kind of a tomboy... I owned some dolls but I did not play with them. I loved roller-skating, riding my bike, anything that had to do with running and I was fast! I was popular with the boys in the neighborhood when they played Dodgeball because I would never get caught. I was stuck running in little dresses because my mom and my three sisters dressed me like a girly girl, but I got over my pandoritas (and my mom's!) pretty much as soon as I got them. The high heels thrill was gone up until 10 years ago!
We girls love shoes! Are we born that way? Um.... Probably!  

Walking in heels for a girl is as natural as fixing a flat for a guy... You just know how to! 
It does not matter who you are or what you love to do, the girly part of you will always come back to those heels!