Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall and Winter Brooches - My Holiday Season Picks

With the holidays around the corner, it is almost THE most wonderful time of the year, and I have a thing for brooches.

To me, brooches are kind of like summer and spring scarves…. They tell a story. The Duchess of Cambridge wears them often, which only adds to her already classy style.
I wear them mostly in the fall and winter, just because it really stands out on a monochromatic outfit… Say a head-to-toe camel or black ensemble.

An elegant brooch can elevate an otherwise plain outfit. From work to dinner without having to change when you do not have time to. Just throw on a cardigan, a jacket, or a classic coat and pin it!
I usually go for vintage and standout styles, like the ones above.

Any thoughts?
Please share!

Much love,

Tip: I always keep one or two in my handbag, especially around this time of year!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rockin' Jewerly - Boho Betty





Hello my friends!

It has been a while, I apologize. I have been dealing with some health issues, a new job, and some classes I am taking.
How have you all been? NYFW is almost over... Bummer. Have you been watching? What is the most exciting thing for you about Fashion Week?

So, I just learned about this relatively new shop called Boho Betty and I would like to share with you a few of the pieces I have purchased from them, which you can see above.
First off, and this is almost my favorite part, FREE SHIPPING!! No minimum needed. Isn't that wonderful?! And fast, too.

When my package first arrived, I loved the wrapping so much, I was afraid to open it. Each piece was individually wrapped and as you can see, they come in their own little bag to store them safely.

These pieces are different in the sense that they are beautifully crafted and eye-catching without being too flashy. They can be worn casually and not so casually.

Please check it out at and use my code
STYLISHLUCKYCHARM to get 20% off your entire purchase.

Much love,


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Body Shaming



I am sorry I have been away for a few weeks. I have been very busy training for a new job I just started, which I will tell you about later. I am also working on a few other things I was asked to. And I am loving all of it.

Anyway, I also write for a website called that you should check out. A variety of articles in one place. If you enjoy other cultures and are open to lots of different views, that will be a good place to go to for fresh ideas.

The reason why I am mentioning the website is because I came across an article that got my attention. The article is about how the media and fashion magazines pressure women to be thin. I am in the other end of the article because I am thin. I, by no means, look like a model or anything, but just the fact that I am thin makes me a target for negative comments.

If you are over the "ideal" weight, whatever that is, you are criticized. If you are under the "ideal" weight, you are also criticized. No way to win. What annoys me the most is the assumption that every single underweight or thin woman out there is starving herself to death to look that way. I have always been thin and even called "size 0" at an old job because, supposedly, I did not meet what should be the normal standard. It was assumed that I "did not eat" to stay thin. So wrong.

I was bullied more than half my life for being skinny and when I was a teenager, I wanted nothing more than looking "normal." Where I am going with this is to clarify that some of us are naturally thin and we do not necessarily choose to be that way. We are attacked as much as some are for being "overweight." Comments about weight and looks are hurtful to anyone, no matter what we look like. Body shaming is NOT okay and we ALL go through it.

One thing is for sure; Beauty is subjective and I might not look good to you, but I might to the next person. Comparing yourself to others is pointless and degrading, it does not help anybody, let alone yourself. You might not love the way you look, but many others do. Light up and stop putting others down because you are not happy with yourself. Hopefully, you will be one day.

Much love,