Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vogue - July Issue - Stilettos


Cape Robbin

Wild Diva

The Limited

 If you have not picked up the July issue of Vogue magazine, please do.Just a few weeks ago, I remember reading that high heels are over, according to Ashley Olsen. I was one who said that it is very unlikely.
How can we predict that high heels are over if not everyone follows trends? Also, it is a very personal preference.
I am one who learned to walk in them in my late 20's because I felt most comfortable wearing sneakers. Once I started really wearing them, it almost became an obsession.
Anyway, I was happy to get my July issue of Vogue today and see that stilettos are still around, or returning, per say.
However, when are they appropriate?
I think it is common sense, don't you?
What do you think?

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mixing Bright Colors

Is hot pink and orange too much of a mix?

Orange is one of my favorite colors because it really brings out my naturally tanned complexion.
But mixing it with hot pink? Not something I have tried before because I used to play it more on the safe side.
However, lately, I have found myself wanting to take more risks while still looking stylish and avoiding messy.

So, when this contest with Bloglovin' and  H&M came up, I thought I would risk it with the outfit above. A little bit of my style and a little bit of a change. 
I love H&M because I can keep up with trends at a reasonable price while getting good quality items. And when they opened their first ever store in Denver, Colorado in 2011, I had to request the day off of work and be one of the first in line at the 16th Street Mall downtown.
That is when I got this hot pink skirt, which I love and it is one of my favorites!
Not to leave out the countless jeans, sweaters, and leather pants I have gotten there!
This outfit is so much fun! I had a good laugh with my photographer husband doing the shoot, too.
And to be fair, if you have ever watched HBO's "Girls", I was going for a little bit of Shoshanna's look. 

What do you think of the above combination? Is it a do or is it a don't?!

Please share your thoughts!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Wear and Varicose/Spider Veins

At 42-years-old and for someone who does not work out at all, I am pretty happy with my figure.
I am going to start working out so I can feel better and feel energized, but other than that, I accept my imperfections for what I am, a flesh and blood human being. 
The body is a temporary home for the soul, we should treat it right, but it is not expected to look perfect. At my age, I am accepting and grateful for what I have.

When I was younger, I used to wear lots of shorts and miniskirts, after getting over being bullied for being long and skinny during my teenage years, however, I was still very self-conscious about my spider veins, which thankfully, are genetic, but sadly, not everyone's case.
Bathing suits were a no-no for me unless I wore shorts over it. 
I look back at my younger years now and I regret not enjoying myself.

Varicose veins and spider veins could be the surface of an underlying problem, so it is always a good thing to get them checked out.
As you grow older, you worry more about the health issues than you do about the way you look. 
If you are not there yet, you will get there.
It is not so much about the way you look anymore, but more about the way you feel, and about the mark you leave in this world when you are gone.

If you are happy with yourself, then do not worry about what anybody says, because even if you do now, there will be a day when you will not. 
And that day might as well be today!
You are and will always be beautiful to somebody!

Any thoughts?

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Footwear and Bullying

Victoria Shoes

Calvin Klein
Nine West 

Nine West



I have taken onto photographing some of my favorite spring/summer footwear.
Above are a few I thought I would share.
When sharing some of these pictures in social media, I was surprised to see that some of the comments were focused on my legs, not the shoes. A couple of people commented how my legs look like deer legs, or even Caitlin Jenner's. 
As someone who was bullied when I was a teenager for being thin and having long legs, I did not appreciate the comments. I was embarrassed to wear shorts for my Physical Education class in 6th grade, when I was 10-years-old and that went on through my high school years.
I am human, therefore, I am flawed. 
I am an adult now, so I am less susceptible to criticism about the way I look and I will not let that stand in the way of doing what I want to do. I am accepting of who I am, happily so.
Before you make fun of someone, especially a younger person, think of the consequences your words might cause. We are all different and that is what make us all unique. 
Making fun of the way someone looks is never okay. Most of us do not choose to look the way we do.
Celebrate yourself. What someone finds unattractive about you, someone else thinks it is beautiful, so focus on the positive and do not let it bring you down.
Any thoughts? Anyone?

Much love,