Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jewerly with a Turtleneck Sweater or Not?

Most girls love jewerly.
Ahhh.... It can make all the difference on an outfit. And like I have said before, this is that time of the year when nothing we wear is too extravagant. 
I think that some of us would agree that shoes and jewerly make the outfit.
I have found myself taking risks with jewerly recently. I have gone from a minimal  look to "look at me!"
Some days when I am just wearing jeans and a sweater, I like to wear something loud but classy, and very little make-up. Just so that my necklace or earrings are the focus.
When wearing turtlenecks, I go for the earrings. Not too big, not to small, just catchy. I have seen how some people manage to make a necklace look great over a turtleneck sweater, but I have never been able to pull it off. 
What kind of neck jewerly would you wear over a turtleneck?
I know that pearls are never wrong with any outfit. Would you go with one long strand? Double strand? And yes, we are still talking about the over the turtleneck jewerly look.
Please, let me know what you think.
I have attached some pictures of pieces that go with different necklines, please take a look and share your thoughts. Thank you for stopping by! 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas - Red Friday

I hope everyone had a nice one!
It was a white Christmas here in the Denver area. 
We went for a drive to see Christmas lights after a nice dinner.
It is just amazing the work some people put into decorating for Christmas. I love it!
Some places look as if once you walk in there, you would not want to leave. While it was snowing and freezing cold, we definitely enjoyed the ride.
The lights are still on, but I will surely miss them! 
The colors, the lights, the spirit... Until next year, beautiful Christmas!
Here are some decorations that people went to great lengths for. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Red Thursday - Scarves

Happy Christmas Eve!
My wonderful husband did some shopping for me, since I have to work today, but it is a clear, beautiful day in downtown Denver!
With a high of 36 degrees, am loving it, even though I am inside.

My red item of the day is a scarf by Madewell. I love scarves, they are fun, and very French. And as you know, the French are known for their great style.
So many things we can do with scarves! 
You can dress an outfit up or down with a single item. A scarf is one of them.
I keep a scarf and an extra pair of earrings in my bag all the time. They come handy if something comes up while I am out and about.

If I want to dress up a plain shirt in spring or summer, I tie a summer scarf around the collar, so that it looks like a bow or a tie. Or you can wear it around your head, the way they used to in the 50's and 60's. My mom used to do that in the 70's and she looked beautiful. 
If it is fall or winter, of course, I just wrap it around my neck. And you can be creative and come up with lots of ways to do that... Single wrapped, double wrapped, loose, knotted. Just beware of the length of the scarf, if it is short, it will not look right when you wrap it around.
For those who do not like to wear turtleneck sweaters, scarves are a good alternative. You can adjust it around your neck any way you want to!

This is me today 

Downtown Denver Skyline 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Green Sequins

Green Glitter

Frame Denim shirts blouse
$140 - oxygenboutique.com

H M sequin skirt
$59 - hm.com

Chanel black purse

Chloé golden earring
$245 - ekseption.es

Tough and Soft

Tough and Soft

Shine Tonight

Shine Tonight

Rockin' Shoes

It is the season to shine and I thought I would rock these booties with Christmassy colors and a kind-of-conservative look to give it an edge.
I am making it a mission to wear something red every day this week. Red boots, red sweater, red pants, red scarf, something red, to celebrate the jolly season. And it does not hurt that red is my favorite color.
Like black and white, red looks good on everyone. I always find a way to add a hint of it to my outfit, especially when wearing black and white. Those colors just complement each other so well and I do not know about you, but red lifts me up!
The spikes on the black booties shakes up the sweater and red pants ensemble, and these rain boots are just very comfortable while fashionable.
I would also wear black pants with the striped sweater and simply add a red scarf to make it a happier outfit, and still look classy.
What do you think?

And I could not resist taking pictures of this shoe, look at what is wearing it.... A bottle of wine!
Check out Georgetown Valley Candy Company in Georgetown, if you live or visit Colorado. It is a magical mountain town!