Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vogue - July Issue - Stilettos


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 If you have not picked up the July issue of Vogue magazine, please do.Just a few weeks ago, I remember reading that high heels are over, according to Ashley Olsen. I was one who said that it is very unlikely.
How can we predict that high heels are over if not everyone follows trends? Also, it is a very personal preference.
I am one who learned to walk in them in my late 20's because I felt most comfortable wearing sneakers. Once I started really wearing them, it almost became an obsession.
Anyway, I was happy to get my July issue of Vogue today and see that stilettos are still around, or returning, per say.
However, when are they appropriate?
I think it is common sense, don't you?
What do you think?

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