Friday, January 1, 2016

Necklines and Jewerly

Okay... So I discussed wearing jewerly over a turtleneck sweater on my last post, which I actually asked questions on, as I have not seen many looks I really like.
I would like to discuss the neckline on this one. The female neckline.
I may have difficulty accessorizing a turtleneck sweater, but a mock neck, which is a short turtleneck, I can do.
I think a long - not too long - and simple necklace looks good with a mock neck.
I would not wear a necklace with a cowl neckline. I think it looks great and very feminine without it.
I am not a fan of the keyhole cutout... I feel like that area should be either open or covered, not both. Do you wear a necklace with a keyhole cutout? If so, what do you think looks good?
A crew, boat, and scoop neckline looks good on most of us and I think short necklaces and chokers look best, but not necessarily. A ladylike coat with a boat neckline always looks sexy, but classy.
The most attractive neckline to me is the V neck. So feminine!
I think everyone looks good in it. I have never seen anyone that does not look good wearing a V neckline. Whether it is a top or a dress.... It always looks great. If I wear a neck line that I think is not appropriate for work, I wear a scarf around my neck, I can always take it off if I am going somewhere after work for a more casual look.
It shows off your most sensitive areas. It is sexy and distracting in a good way, with or without jewerly. Just, please make it look classy, not tacky.
The Box of Answers by The Box Girls has pointers on necklines, hemlines, and even clothing material. I attached a picture of one of the helpful cards inside that magic box. Check it out!

Forever 21 Boat Neck Coat

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