Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fishnets - A Winter Do or Do Not?

Ooh... I LOVE fishnets!
What do you think? Are they a do or a do not in winter?
There is something so sexy about fishnets! Why are fishnets sexy? To me, it is because you are showing some leg but not too much. And they can be business appropriate, too.... If you know how to style them, of course. All you need is a bit of confidence and a skirt that is right above the knee or longer.
I own them in white, nude, and black. 
I usually wear them all year around and I feel like I get away with it. Thankfully, we have great weather here in Colorado... Warm days in winter and cool days in summer! ;-)
A lot of times, I wear them under long pants with booties and I feel just as sexy as if I were wearing them with a miniskirt. I do not only want to feel sexy for my husband,  it is just the way I feel when I wear them. Try it. 
For whatever reason, it is kind of an orgasmic feeling.
I think that they go hand in hand with leather pants.