Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Job Hunting

Ahhh.... Job hunting.

I have been busy looking and interviewing for a job now that we are settled in here in Chicago.
My favorite part about job hunting is researching and learning about the places I am interested in working for, and dressing up. It is said that it is most appropriate to dress up, but what is really appropriate? Does it depend on the job we are applying  for or is it always better to dress up, regardless of the position?
There have been times when I have felt overdressed while interviewing, but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.

I went to interview for a job with a well-known plastic surgeon and I dressed myself very well, as I normally do.  I respect every prospect employer and the time they spend going through my qualifications, as well as the time they take to meet with me. I hope to show who I really am in my very first meeting.
This is the only and first time I felt that I was being talked down to and in a condescending way. I was very respectful and professional and I answered every question sincerely and truthfully. However, I was treated disrespectfully.

My point is, I took time out of my day to research this place and how they operated. I took time out of my day to dress appropriately for an interview at a place that I thought I was qualified to work at, and a place I thought I could bring something valuable to. After meeting the people who would have been my bosses for about 5 minutes, I knew I did not want to work there. I still stayed through the interview and was polite and respectful the rest of it, but it is a two-way street. As much as we need a job, we are needed to do the job. Respect is a mutual expectation.

I was wearing this outfit above and I do not think I was under dressed for a receptionist position in a clinic. What do you think? Has that happened to you? Any thoughts? Do you think that the way I was dressed had anything to do with the way I was treated?

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