Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Junior Year in a Foreign Country

Ahhh.... Those high school years.
I am in Maryland spending time with my family for a few weeks. We made the move to Chicago and my son chose to stay behind as he did not want to leave his friends, so I am really bummed about that.
I apologize for being away so long and not posting anything.

I attended Laurel High School for a year when I was a junior.
First off, I was thrown in there and did not speak English...at all. And I did not like math.
I remember this kid in algebra class, first period, saying something to me. I nodded my head but I had no idea what he had said, when he looked at me puzzled, I shook my head sideways, then he REALLY looked confused! I just told him: "me no English" and he smiled. I must say that as frustrating as it was for me to not understand anything, the kids were always nice to me. Always.
Algebra in English was brutal!

I ended up getting close to two girls from Guatemala who were sisters. It was their second year in that school and they did not speak much English either.
One day, one of the girls said: "Let's skip class and go walk around the mall." Her sister and I said we wanted to stay in class that day. About an hour later we were sitting outside for lunch and a police car pulled up to the front door of the school with Iris getting out of the front seat. Next thing, we heard her say "bye daddy!"
Smart girl! We all knew that was not her dad. A police officer had seen her walking outside the mall and drove her back to school.

Every morning, I would get up two hours earlier than I was supposed to just to do my hair. I could never decide how I wanted to wear it. I had to look at the forecast the night before and in the morning to see if it was windy(big deciding factor!) I ended it up wearing it the same way almost every day. A pony tail.

So many fond memories! That must have been the one year I was not bullied for being too thin. I loved the kids and staff, very grateful to them for being patient and kind to this Latin girl that did not speak their language.
Regardless of some pain and hassle, high school was fun.
My friend Iris took a picture of me at this same spot when I was 16, but I lost it.

My sister took these of me yesterday at Laurel High....

Any high school stories you would like to share?

Much love,


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