Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Glenwood Springs - Colorado

My Treasure

   About 3 hours west of Denver and 40 minutes east of Aspen is Glenwood Springs.
The town is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Have you heard of the hot spring and vapor caves? That would be a good place to experience those. It is said that they have curative powers and they have been available to the public since the 1800s.

     Doc Holliday stayed at the Glenwood Springs Hotel by the hot springs, where he tried them when he was sick. He is buried somewhere within Linwood Cemetery, but the records were lost, and the city built a monument for him.

     Fourteen  wildland  firefighters perished in a fire on Storm King mountain by Glenwood Springs in July 1994... Extremely sad. I admire and respect firefighters very much. They are selfless and caring. I wish I had no fear like they do, so I could have been part of the loving community they are.
We did not hike up to Linwood Cemetery or the site where the fire took place, but we will go back to bring them love and flowers when we are not so rushed. To make sure their souls know they are remembered and thought of.

     We walked around the town center and I could not resist going into a consignment shop where I found a few treasures. I call unique, adorable things "treasures."
 I am sharing a few pictures above of a lovely bracelet I found in the shop. I truly think it belonged to someone good and kind. I am very happy and proud to wear it.

Much love,


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