Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Politician's Wife? - Not Exactly.

Um... Okay, so I was told today at work that I look like a "politician's wife." I guess that is a compliment, right? They look put together for the most part, and it would make sense given that my parents were politicians.
So, more like a politician's daughter.
My mother was Senator, Governor, and Secretary of State for Tourism. She was always on the go, but dressed like a real lady. Always. She told us to always try our best.
However, why would wearing navy blue dressing pants, a cashmere camel sweater, a cardigan and loafers make me look like a politician's wife? 
It sounds like a boring outfit, but not really. It is appropriate for the type of work I do.
Unsexy...? Maybe. But if your clothes fit right, it is a whole different game.
I have heard that you should dress for the job you want...

Overall, the best lesson from our mom? To always be kind, even when it is hard.
To be humble.
To treat everyone the same, as our equal. 
To never judge.
And most importantly, to spread love no matter what.

Any thoughts?? Please share them!

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Today's Outfit

Saks Firth Avenue Cashmere Sweater, Cache Pants.

Sperry Loafers

My mom when she was Senator
My sister and my mom