Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Day In Vail - Colorado

We decided to go to Vail for a drive, as Mike had never been there, and I had only been there once.
We are lucky enough to only be 90 minutes away.
It is like another world up there.... I would compare it to the North Pole in the movies. Same thing with Georgetown, Colorado. People just seem happy and enjoying themselves.
Happy kids, friendly people, but especially, animal friendly. It is great to see happy, loved pets as well!

This is winter and while the temperature in Denver was a high of 57 degrees that day we went, it was 43 in Vail, and windy. I sure regretted taking a sweater instead of a coat. It got gray and cloudy pretty quick while we were there.
I enjoyed seeing older people walking around holding hands, the ladies with their pretty hair done, and wearing their beautiful jewerly. Just lovely.

I went into Luca Bruno, a boutique that has so many fabulous pieces, you would walk out of there with your hands full! The pieces are unique and beautiful.
I purchased a beautiful gray poncho for a modest price and I want to wear it every day!

We went to Pazzo's Pizza and sat by the glass patio doors. There was a gorgeous, sweet St. Bernard tied to the patio fence, and every time the front door of the restaurant opened, he would turn around to look, hoping for his/her master to come out. The pizza was good, but once you try Giordano's or Franco's in Chicago, it feels like no other pizza measures up, but I am always up for a challenge.

While we were eating our pizza, we saw this beautiful girl, probably in her 20's, stick a $50 bill in one of the patio chairs. She just happened to have found that while walking by the restaurant and put it there for whoever lost it or for someone else to have.

My favorite part of the trip was seeing that St. Bernard's reaction when an older couple in their 80s came out of the restaurant. He must have been the happiest dog I have ever seen in my life!
If and when you visit Vail, stop by Luca Bruno. Please, trust me on this one! ;-)



Drive up to Vail

Tunnel inside a mountain

Pedestrian bridge over a river 

Moose statue

Bear statue

Just a view



Inside Luca Bruno Boutique

Outside Luca Bruno Boutique

Beautiful and happy doggie lounging inside a shop

Me with a casual look but always wearing my pearls

Poncho - Luca Bruno Boutique
Zip-up poncho - Luca Bruno Boutique

Sitting on steps in Georgetown

Me again - Georgetown