Sunday, July 30, 2017

Designing for the Future: Trends we need to consider now


Fashion is always changing and recycling, but what do we think the future of designing is?

Technology is forever evolving, thankfully. In this fast-paced world, we barely have time for anything because the days are not long enough. Technology is God-sent. With 3D printers and computerized sewing machines, we can create almost anything our imagination desires. Anything you envision, you can make.

Sewing machines now have software that can be purchased to make our designs a quick and fun reality. It is not like it was in the days when my grandmother was a seamstress and had to pedal all day long, manually sewing everything with her hands to make a single outfit!
These sewing machines can do anything from embroidery to monogramming. You can sew garments and craft works. We also have handheld sewing machines.

Another fascination of mine is 3D printers. I can accessorize my designs and creations with fun jewelry, custom or fine jewelry. Save time and embody your vision with these two fantastic tools. These two are just about all you will need to get started in your fashion business. You can make ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want.

I have always loved fashion, and now in my early forties, I feel that the time is right for me to start creating what I have envisioned for years. I love feminine things. Lace and embroidery are among my favorites. I dream of giant bows and feminine, ruffle sleeves, lace and pearls and shiny, classy things.

With computerized sewing machines and 3D printers, I can now make my dreams come true, and so can you!

I AM a fashion designer.  What is your calling? What do you dream about?

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