Sunday, July 3, 2016

Scarves - European Summer Stories

Vintage - Animal prints

Vintage - Paris

Vintage - Paris

Vintage - Paris

Vintage - Rome

Vintage - Vienna

Vintage - Spain
I love scarves, but especially spring and summer scarves. Vintage.
I am completely taken by summer scarves that tell a story, like the ones above.

When I see someone wearing a story scarf (that's what I call them), I have to stare because I want to know what the story is. I want to ask them to undo it so I can see what the pictures tell.
And I know it is not about a story for everyone who likes or purchases scarves, that is just what it is for me.

The colors I wear on a particular day or occasion do not necessarily match my outfit, not always. I would choose to wear something that it is the complete opposite of what I am wearing, as far as the color palette goes, it is a way to take my outfit to the next level.
By the way, all these are from vintage shops. Vintage shops are a gold mine for these!

Do you have a scarf story? What's your story?

Have a happy 4th of July and be safe!

Much love,